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Increase Your Brand Awareness by Sponsoring ATMs at Local Events

Looking for an easy and affordable way to increase your brand awareness in the community your financial institution serves? Sponsoring ATMs at local events, where cash is king, is a great way to serve your account holders with surcharge-free cash withdrawals and increase brand awareness.

Benefits of Branding Event ATMs

  • Easy Access to Cash - Despite the numerous ways to pay today, cash is king when it comes to fairs, festivals and events.

  • Brand Visibility - Branded ATMs for local events is a great way to expose your brand to a large number of people - in one location, at one time.

  • Surcharge-Free Transactions - Providing surcharge-free cash withdrawals on-site is a terrific benefit for your account holders.

  • Consumer Loyalty - Consumers, especially younger generations, prefer to patronize financial institutions that are based locally and participate within the community.

Fairs and festivals are popular attractions for consumers and cash is king at these events. Placing brand messaging on ATMs in key locations throughout events can help significantly grow brand recognition within the community and help you grow your account holder base.

Email Us or Schedule a Short Call to find out how AOne ATM can make ATM management simple.

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