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Partner with AOne ATM and Take Advantage of our Credit Union Bundle to Benefit YOUR Company!

More than likely, your grandparents’ credit union was connected with a workplace. Tucked away in a corner of the plant or operated out of a co-worker’s home, these small financial institutions offered employees access to banking services that often could not be found elsewhere. They encouraged employees to help each other financially, which then created a sense of solidarity in the workplace. Workers with extra savings deposited their money, which then could be borrowed by those who needed loans. Credit unions were one of the only work benefits of that day!

Once a company becomes partners with AOne ATM to find the credit union right for them, all of the company’s employees can join the credit union and take advantage of the products and services — at no cost to the business or the employee. In addition, the company’s employees then have access to benefits like financial education seminars and resources to keep employees focused on financial health. The employees also gain the use of on-site ATMs provided by AOne ATM which eliminates the need to travel to withdraw or deposit funds into their credit union account!

These companies and organizations come to us so their employees can have the benefit of At Work ATM services as well as the many benefits offered by credit unions. For employers, it’s a good move. There is no cost!

There are so many employee benefits to offering credit union services. Here are a few of them:

  • You’ll encourage employee productivity and morale when you offer your employees a clear track to resolving their individual financial concerns. Tackling your employees’ financial stressors head-on can actually save your business money.

  • Your human resources department can outsource training and instruction on an area that requires expertise they may not possess, thereby saving the department time.

  • Your company can take advantage of the resources AOne ATM has to offer, such as our on-site ATM placement, which will insure your employees access to their credit union accounts.

  • You’ve established a banking relationship that your employees can take advantage of when they need to. It is another tool in their personal financial tool box.

  • Your employees will also enjoy surcharge free use of on-site ATMs that will save them time and money!

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is rare to find an extraordinary package of no-cost benefits for employees. You have a chance to offer real value to your workforce.

Please contact us at 864.940.0407 to speak to an AOne ATM Professional today!


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