ATM Hardware Cleaning Instructions

By Hyosung Proper cleaning of the ATM is effective against the spread of coronaviruses. The following instructions provide more details on ATM cleaning and disinfection. ATMs are Touched by Many People It is necessary to disinfect the ATMs to prevent the coronavirus from potentially spreading. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we need to disinfect the ATMs where people may touch. The main disinfection targets include touch screens, pin pads, function buttons, card entrance(s) and receipt exit(s). The front and rear touch screens can be damaged by alcohol, so it must be sterilized according to the manufacturer’s instructions for disinfection. Touch Screen The touch screen of certain

Cash is Strong in a Crisis – the Role of ATMs in the Coronavirus Pandemic

By: ATM Industry Association Currently, the coronavirus pandemic is nowhere near peaking and many economies, markets and societies around the world are starting to buckle under the strain of this spreading health crisis and the drastic measures taken to stop it in its tracks. Meanwhile, the people surrounding the cash industry continue to work hard to ensure that citizens have access to funds during this critical time. ATMs and cash have always served an important function during other crises and emergencies in the world. We want you to know that we are taking every precaution possible to ensure that cash will continue to be available and to be safe to use. Skilled and experienced operator

ATMs Stay Open in Pandemic Economic Shutdown

By ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) Since their introduction more than 50 years ago, ATMs have become an important element of the U.S. economic system. That importance escalates even further in times of crisis – the first visible evidence of which is often long lines at ATMs, as consumers replenish their cash reserves. Although we are not seeing the long lines typical of a hurricane or other natural disaster, the closure of some bank branches, restaurants, and retail establishments will make many ATM locations inaccessible. Both financial institution and independent ATM operators are working hard to ensure that all available ATMs are functioning properly and that cash replenishment cycles

WHY your onsite ATM is more critical than ever!

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