New UV Light Sanitizing Hardware for ATMs

"At AOne ATM we are always seeking the latest cutting edge technology to bring to our retail and financial institutions' locations." - Vance Rowland, AOne ATM Sanitizing Solution for ATMs Article Published By: Genmega Sanitizing Solution Fights the Spread of Infectious Diseases A patent-pending UV Light sanitizing solution for keypads that will help fight the spread of infectious disease and reassure users the machine they are using is safe. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ATM and financial kiosks industries’ need to provide a safe and reassuring user experience, Genmega developed VscanTM, a unique Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) sanitizing solution that kills up to 99 percent of virus

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Thank you Amber Crisp for your review! We strive to help our partners build and maintain their members through deepening their relationships and providing full service, branded ATMs on site. Are you considering ATM Outsourcing? See what a 10 minute call can do you for you! 864.940.0407

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At Work Employee Group Outsourcing Your account holders will appreciate on-site surcharge-free ATM access! Give us a call at 864-940-0407 or visit us online at to see how we can help you!

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