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Why Your Employees’ Financial Health Matters to Your Company

According to a survey from Mercer, employers can lose up to $250 billion a year due to employees’ stress about their finances. Financial stress can dominate your workforce and therefore your company’s bottom line, but there are ways to help your employees’ learn to better manage their money and combat their stress.

Financial Health and Wellness courses teach members how to better budget, save and strategically take out loans, which in turn will increase their morale, stability and loyalty to your company. Financial Health and Wellness courses are a great addition to benefit programs for employees and by taking advantage of AOne ATM’s Credit Union Partnership, your employees will have access to these wonderful programs at no cost to your company!

Employees will also gain the added benefit of an At Work ATM placement through AOne ATM’s Credit Union Partnership which will save them time, money and provide them a safe banking environment. We have been an industry leader since 1996 and have helped countless other companies take advantage of this great program that is completely free! If you are interested in our program, please call 864.940.0407 to speak to an AOne ATM Professional today!


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