Employee-Based ATMs Made Easy

With AOne ATM it’s hassle-free and cost-effective to serve consumers, who work at local companies, with a surcharge-free ATM or your account holders. Our program includes a fully branded bank-style ATM with a large 15" screen, custom wrap, topper signage and screens, surcharge-free cash withdrawals and an optional brochure holder. Surcharge-free ATMs at local business offer many benefits: Serve More Account Holders – A surcharge-free ATM on-site is a great way to provide an added benefit to your institution’s account holders. Grow Deposit Accounts – By having a surcharge-free ATM at your business partners location, it allows you to grow your account holder base. Financial Wellness – Employee

6 Reasons Why Cash is Still King (Video)

Despite the many different ways to pay today, cash is still the king of all payments. Find out the six major reasons why cash usage is still #1, who uses cash the most, how cash is used today and why it is important to always have cash on hand - especially for purchases under $20 and in an emergency. Email Us or Schedule a Short Call to find out how AOne ATM can make ATM management simple.

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A One ATM is a registered ISO of PB&T Bank, Pueblo, CO