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SEG ATM Management for Credit Unions- So Much More than just an ATM.

Your ATM becomes a 24/7 marketing kiosk for your Credit Union. In addition, we add the element of connection. Think ITMs without the expense, providing a unique blend of convenience, service, and engagement for your members and future members.

Transform Your Credit Union's Reach with AOne ATM Outsourcing, Marketing and Connection


Credit Unions are on a constant quest to bolster their presence at Employee Groups. AOne ATM steps in as your strategic partner, offering a seamless and impactful solution: custom-branded ATMs perfectly placed at your Select Employee Group (SEG) locations. AOne ATM provides so much more than Full ATM-Managed services. Your ATM becomes a 24/7 Marketing Kiosk for your Credit Union. In addition, we add the element of Connection (Think ITMs without the expense), providing a unique blend of convenience, service, and engagement for your members and future members. 


The AOne ATM Outsourcing Advantage

Our comprehensive ATM Outsourcing service delivers more than just bank-grade ATMs. Our suite of services includes ATM installation, efficient transaction processing, and optional Cash and Check Deposit capabilities. We take pride in our robust cash management strategies and secure cash delivery services. Maintenance is key, and we've covered it with first- and second-line maintenance services. Handling Reg E Claims and Research? Consider it done. Plus, we stand by our promise of 98% uptime, ensuring your services are reliable and consistent.


We Elevate Your Brand: Your ATM Becomes a 24/7 Marketing Kiosk

With AOne ATM, your ATM becomes a vibrant, 24/7 marketing hub. Our partnership with brings you SharkSkin wraps, transforming your ATMs into stunning visual representatives of your brand. The backlit topper acts as a billboard, drawing eye-level attention to your Credit Union.


Your marketing narrative gets even stronger with our 15" HD Welcome Screens, which are capable of showcasing up to six rotating ads with unlimited changes. This flexibility ensures your marketing messages are always fresh and relevant. We extend your reach through digital brochures for smart devices, custom-printed receipt papers featuring your logo, and QR codes for streamlined, direct marketing.


Connect Innovatively with MiniBranch (Think ITM Features without the Expense)

At AOne ATM, we're redefining connectivity. Our revolutionary feature breaks the mold of traditional ATM models, offering members and non-members interactive options like live chat, video chat, texting, or phone connectivity. This leap forward in customer service and accessibility means your members can engage with tellers without needing to be physically present at the machine.


Be Part of the AOne ATM Revolution

Join us at AOne ATM, where we're dedicated to delivering a comprehensive, stress-free ATM management solution for Credit Unions. It's more than mere ATM management; it's about lifting your brand to new heights and forging deeper connections with your members.


Step into the future of ATM service and marketing with AOne ATM. Reach out to us today, and let's explore how we can revolutionize your Credit Union's ATM experience together.


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