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ITM Features without the ITM Expense

AOne ATM partners with MiniBranch to Interactivate your entire ATM fleet.


AOne ATM offers MiniBranch providing ITM Features without the ITM Expense

In the fast-paced world of financial services, Credit Unions are continuously seeking innovative solutions to meet and exceed member expectations, all while staying competitive. MiniBranch emerges as a revolutionary answer, empowering Credit Unions to provide Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) features without the heavy ITM expenses. In today's digital-first landscape, both current and prospective members hold convenience, personalization, and accessibility as top priorities in their banking experiences. MiniBranch aligns seamlessly with these expectations!

By seamlessly integrating MiniBranch's ITM capabilities into their existing ATM fleet, Credit Unions unlock the power of real-time video chats, offering members a personalized touch that not only enhances their satisfaction but also enables them to perform complex transactions remotely, such as account transfers and loan applications.

Additionally, MiniBranch extends service hours to 24/7 with our included Virtual Assistant, catering to members' needs beyond traditional business hours and solidifying your Credit Union's reputation as a dependable financial partner. What's more, MiniBranch's cost-effectiveness shines through, as it maximizes the use of your existing ATM infrastructure, eliminating the need for additional capital expenditure. In an industry where competition is fierce, providing advanced services to both existing and potential members while carefully managing costs can be a game-changing strategy, attracting fresh faces and nurturing loyalty among current members. MiniBranch represents more than a mere technology investment; it's a commitment to delivering exceptional member experiences and ensuring the enduring success of Credit Unions in the digital age.


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