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Give Your Company a Recruiting Advantage with an ATM as a Benefit for Employees

With the economy booming, it’s becoming more difficult for employers to attract top talent in a fiercely competitive marketplace. To give your company a recruiting advantage, many companies are getting creative with the benefits they offer employees.

According to the website the EBN, popular employee perks some companies are offering today include unlimited vacation time, career development, community college classes and college tuition reimbursement, on-site gyms, fitness classes and game rooms, free daycare and college scholarships for employee’s children.

But many of these benefits are expensive for employers to implement. So how can you gain a competitive recruiting advantage without costing a lot of money?

One option that will not cost employers a penny is to offer an ATM on-site as part of a financial wellness program.

Save Employees Time

Most companies now offer direct deposit, which is highly convenient for employees. Adding an on-site ATM to access direct pay funds takes that one step further. Employees can handle simple banking tasks quickly without leaving the building. Whether it’s cash for the cafeteria, vending machines or the weekend, or a charity fundraiser in the office, easy access to cash is a simple gesture that can increase employee loyalty.

Increase Employee Safety

Having an ATM on campus also increases security and employee safety. By eliminating hurried travel through traffic during lunches or breaks to get cash, employees can relax instead and reduce the chance of an accident. Open-air ATMs can be targeted by criminals and can easily be targets for card skimmers. Having an ATM in a secure location, not accessible by anyone but employees, is a much safer option. Fostering employee safety is another way to increase loyalty and provide staff with peace of mind.

Hassle-Free, No Cost to the Company

Completely hassle-free and no cost to the company, employers can now easily add an ATM as an employee benefit through AOne ATM’s employment group ATM program. And with a local credit union or community bank sponsorship, transactions are surcharge-free for employees who have accounts with that financial institution – saving your staff thousands in fees each year.

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