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What's the Advantage of Adding an ATM to Your Business Location?

One of many benefits that an ATM can add to your retail location - it encourages patrons to use cash! Customers paying with cash lessens the amount of credit card processing fees your business must pay, which ensures that more of the profits from your business stay at your business. The average credit card fee for a transaction lands somewhere between 1.5% and 2.9% of the purchase, which can cut into your profits intensely, considering most purchases from convenience stores are less than $9.

In fact, 75% of people now expect a convenience store to have an ATM machine! So, if you do not have an ATM in your retail location then you may be missing out on many individuals who look for convenience stores with ATM machines. Research shows that 80% of users will revisit an ATM site at least once a week, adding more footfall in your retail location and increasing repeat purchases!

If you are interested in adding an ATM placement, provided and fully managed by AOne ATM, to your convenience store, bar, nightclub, restaurant, grocery store, or retail location, please contact us at 864.940.0407 to learn more! We have been your ONE choice ATM partner since 1996!


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