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Credit Unions, Connect Instantly to Your SEGs with MiniBranch

July 14th, 2022

As a partner of Credit Unions since 1996, AOne ATM has seen the need for a way for credit unions to connect directly to their Employee Groups. Interactive Teller Machines have become the standard of ATM interaction with members and potential members in recent years, but many credit unions are not able to, or not willing to, invest in such a costly business venture. That is why AOne ATM has introduced MiniBranch!

MiniBranch levels the playing field for smaller credit unions as it provides members and potential members a way to connect instantly to tellers, and service member staff, through the use of the members’ personal cell phone device! Through the use of MiniBranch, member and potential members are able to choose from:

Live Chat
Live Video Chat
Direct Phone Connection

The interactive features and connectivity solutions are fully customizable by the credit union and are accompanied by a custom mobile landing page with embedded video marketing to deliver your message straight to your members and potential members.

MiniBranch allows credit unions to offer a full-service branch presence without the expense, strengthening your personal connection and sales opportunities. If your Credit Union is looking for a way to connect directly and instantly with members, or potential members, without the expense of the ITM business, contact AOne ATM today!


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