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Does Financial Wellness Have an Effect on Physical Wellness?

A recent article from Purdue University detailed the link between Financial Wellness and actual physical wellness. It stated that worries about finances are the number one stressor across all age groups and that more than half of Americans lose sleep over money troubles. 78% of US adults, in fact!

It was also found that high levels of stress manifest themselves in physical symptoms like sleep loss, anxiety, headaches/migraines, compromised immune systems, digestive issues, high blood pressure, muscle tension, heart arrhythmia, depression and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Individuals with high financial stress are shown to be twice as likely to report poor health overall and are also 4 times more likely to complain of ailments.

Financial stress is shown to decrease productivity of employees. Employees are less able to focus on their work while their mind wanders to how they are going to afford upcoming expenses, or the threat of unexpected expenses. Financial Stress is also linked to less attendance at work as the symptoms of stress manifest into greater issues for employees and lead to the need for medical attention. A 34% increase in absenteeism and tardiness for those employees who are experiencing financial stress over those who are not!

One way to help combat these ailments caused by financial stress is to take advantage of AOne ATM’s Credit Union Partnership Program. Included in the program are Financial Health and Wellness Courses which work to educate adults on ways to better manage their money, better save for future expenses, as well as many other essential financial literacy topics.

Through our program your company will be partnered with a local Credit Union to not only supply your employees with informative courses which detail how to better manage their money, but they will also gain the added benefit of an At Work ATM placement. This At Work ATM will save them time and also money, as it is available surcharge-fee free for their members! And the most amazing part is all of these great benefits are available to your employees at absolutely no cost to your company!

Contact us today to find out more on how we can help you increase your employees’ productivity, provide them with a safe banking environment and lessen their financial worries!

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