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Financial Health and Wellness Courses a Must for the Future?

With the current economic climate, the lingering effects of COVID-19, higher gas prices, and supply chain issues, everyone is feeling a strain on their budget. To combat this, many companies are offering their employees Financial Health and Wellness courses. Studies show that Financial Health and Wellness courses improve individuals’ satisfaction with their current salary when they are able to better manage it!

So, how do you offer your employees Financial Health and Wellness Courses through your company? By partnering with AOne ATM.

Through our At Work ATM Placement, you will obtain an on-site ATM for your employees to use, saving them time and money and providing them a safe banking environment, as well as gaining them access to Financial Health and Wellness courses provided by a local Credit Union.

From working with Credit Unions over our 26 years of service, we know the level of commitment to financial health and wellness that is woven into the business model of all of our partners. Our Credit Union partners will help your company’s employees improve their financial literacy, making it easier for them to successfully invest, save and budget their funds!

Give your valuable employees the benefits of an At Work ATM placement by partnering with AOne ATM. Call us today to learn more about our program and how it costs your company NOTHING to provide your employees with these life changing benefits.

Reach us today at 864.940.0407


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