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How Can AOne ATM’s Credit Union Bundle Add Invaluable Benefits For Your Hospital Staff?

Doctors and nurses have always been revered for the amazing strength they show through their work.

From working 12-hour shifts, standing for hours on end, and trying tirelessly to save lives, to their ability to handle the absolute worse situation for their patients, doctors and nurses are pillars of the community. Their immense strength has only been further displayed this past year as they rallied together to fight against COVID-19 and save the lives of countless people.

We also owe a great amount of appreciation for the support staff of hospitals. Those who work together with doctors and nurses to take care of patients, equipment or the facility they need to save lives. The men and women who keep the hospital clean and sanitary, the men and women who prepare and distribute healthy meals, the men and women who also work hard to save lives and bring comfort to patients in their own ways, they all deserve our support and recognition.

In order to provide them with everything they need to best provide their life-saving services, AOne ATM partners with Credit Unions to provide an ATM on campus at no cost to the hospital. All hospital employees then have the ability to access their funds at work! This provides them with a safe and convenient environment to manage their money, as I am sure a trip to a bank after a 12-hour shift isn’t very enticing. Or depending on the hours they spend at the hospital, a trip to the bank may not be possible!

Partnering with AOne ATM and becoming a participant of our Credit Union Bundle also gives employees of the hospital the opportunity to become a member of a local Credit Union and take advantage of their Financial Health and Wellness courses. These courses specialize in teaching members how to invest, save, and better manage their funds. Studies have shown that when a person’s financial situation is more stable and the stress of worrying about finances lessens then their productivity increases!

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with AOne and taking advantage of our Credit Union Bundle, please give us a call @ 864.940.0407 to speak to an AOne ATM Professional today!

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