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Instantly Connect to Members Through Live Chat, Live Video Calls, Email via Mobile Phones at the ATM

July 21st, 2022

Consider partnering with AOne ATM to take advantage of MiniBranch! MiniBranch is a revolutionary new ATM experience addressing the disconnect between credit unions, their members, and their potential members; securely, conveniently, and cost-effectively.

By utilizing AOne ATM’s MiniBranch, members and potential members will be able to connect instantly to credit union tellers, or member service staff, with live video, instant chat, or direct phone connection via the members’ personal cell phone. MiniBranch levels the playing field for Credit Unions not willing to take part in the costly ITM business by offering connection options rival to ITM features without the costly fees associated with ITMS!

MiniBranch is also accompanied by a robust package of marketing features, including:

Changeable Welcome Screens
Branded ATMs
Branded Toppers
A custom mobile landing page with embedded video marketing
Digital Brochures delivered directly to smart devices!

If your Credit Union has been searching for a way to connect directly to members and potential members without the cost of an ITM, contact us today! AOne ATM has been a partner of Credit Unions offering industry leading ATM Outsourcing Solutions since 1996.


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