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ITM Features Without The ITM Cost? - MiniBranch, Powered by AOne ATM

July 1st, 2022

Wondering how to offer features of an ITM without having the ITM cost? Contact us today about MiniBranch! A revolutionary new program designed and powered by AOne ATM to level the playing field for smaller Credit Unions.

MiniBranch allows your tellers and member service staff to connect directly to members and potential members by use of their personal cell phones! This allows users to connect to your Credit Union no matter where they are. Members and potential members can choose from:

- Live Video Chat
- Live Chat
- Phone Call
- Direct Email

Not only does MiniBranch allow you to enjoy the benefits of an ITM without the cost of an ITM, it also comes with added marketing options.

- Changeable welcome screens
- Branded ATM wraps
- Branded eye-level toppers
- Custom mobile landing page with embedded video marketing

Interested in becoming a partner of AOne ATM and enjoying the benefits of MiniBranch? Call us today to learn more about this amazing program.

AOne ATM began as a regional company servicing Credit Unions on the east coast but seeing the void in the industry for a true partner, expanded their services to the whole US. Since becoming a national leader in the ATM management industry in 1996, AOne ATM has continued to revolutionize the market of Credit Union outsourcing solutions.


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