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Our Commitment to Serving Our Credit Union Partners and Their Members

Over the past year we have seen many changes in what we once considered “normal.” From wearing masks in public, to online ceremonies and conferences, to drive thru birthday parties we have had to adapt to it all! And amazingly we have all found a way to make it work and also help each other along the way.

Just about anyone you ask will have a story of how they took food to a family member or friend, or had food brought to them while they were locked away for those 14 days of quarantine. We’ve all also gone through our fair share of new hobbies along the way – gardening, DIYing, cooking, or working out!

Through the dark times of the past year, we have all found a way to find the brighter side of things. Even for businesses these turbulent times have proven that people are able to adapt and overcome seemingly huge obstacles!

We have seen the amazing lengths that credit unions have gone to, to change the structure of their business in order to better serve their members. From working from home, to offering drive thru services only, to now being back in their office serving members while maintaining safe distance, credit unions have shown they are committed to their members. A major key for Credit Unions to continue to serve their customers while they were away from their offices was their ATMs.

ATMs have provided a way for members to obtain their necessary funds even while their financial institution has been closed. In order to ensure that their trip to the ATM has also kept them safe, AOne ATM has implemented a revolutionary sanitizing solution for the keypad of our machines. The system was developed by Genmega and is referred to as VscanTM.

VscanTM uses UV-C lights to neutralize any germs or bacteria on the keypad of the kiosk or ATM. Users of the ATM are not exposed to the UV-C lights and are even protected from the movement of the device as it is built with a torque-sensitive mechanism that stops the process if any interruption occurs. This system kills up to 99% of viruses and bacteria with a single pass.

Complimentary updates to the system also hope to further protect users from viruses and bacteria as they will allow them to use the keypad solely for their transaction.

This is just one way we here at AOne ATM have hoped to showcase our commitment to credit unions and their members! If you are interested in learning how we can help you better service your members then please fill out our contact form on our website and an AOne ATM Professional will reach out to you!


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