Employee Groups are one of the fastest growing segments of ATM installations in the United States!

Albert Howard, our VP of Partner Engagement, shares with us how Employee Groups are one of the fastest growing segments of ATM installations in the United States!

Have you considered adding your branded ATM to your Employee Group or bank at work locations?

Here are 3 things we do for you:

1. Hassle FREE ATM Management

- AOne ATM handles all of your ATM details for you at no out of pocket expense! We take care of all the management, including equipment, processing, communication, maintenance, cash, cash forecasting and cash delivery. Our solution provides maximum ATM uptime and we provide monthly reporting so you can see your ATM performance each month.

2. Dynamic Marketing at the ATM

- Your ATM is a marketing kiosk located in the Employee Group delivering your message 24/7. Lets' start with a wrap, we use the best wrap material that will not peel or fade. Our team designs your wrap to your specifications.

- Our 15 inch high definition welcome screens provide a perfect palette to deliver your custom ads. We can run up to 6 ads at a time and there is no additional cost to change an ad. We recommend you change the content of your ads every quarter.

- Our back lit topper stands perfectly at eye level and we view this as a billboard. We can change the topper insert as often as you would want. We also provide a brochure rack that can be filled with your company's brochures.

3. We bring Employee Groups to You

- We market our services to Employee Groups and then pair them up with your company and let the relationship begin.

If you feel Employee Groups will benefit you and your company, feel free to schedule a call at:


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