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How Can Your ATM Fleet Become An Integral Part Of Your Marketing Plan?

Via : ATM Marketplace

Most consumers are willing to place their trust in a financial institution-branded ATM over an unidentified generic machine. However, merely placing a sticker or two on the front or sides of a machine is unlikely to draw the attention of new clientele and even less likely to create a lasting impression.

Here are three easy tactics that can help maximize ATM marketing and generate greater brand awareness:

1) Wrap off-site ATMs

ATMs are an extension of the institution. A professional, colorful and eye-catching ATM wrap acts as a mini billboard for a financial institution, as well as garnering both business and trust through consistency and high visibility. ATM wraps can present logos, imagery and messaging at the point of sale, reinforcing the brand while consumers are already thinking about financial services.

Some financial institutions have reported an average customer transaction increase of 20–25 percent after a branding wrap implementation.

2) Place ATMs for customer convenience

On-site ATMs are a great convenience tool for after-hours financial transactions, but what about customers who are miles from a branch and have cash or deposit needs?

Retail and other off-site ATM networks can help solve any cash and deposit issues customers may encounter by providing easy account access at locations throughout the communities where they live. These placements not only increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also serve to expose the FI brand to new potential clientele.

3) Offer printed receipts

Pre-printed or digitally generated receipts can offer the opportunity to interact with the consumer even post-transaction. By working with retailers to generate special offers for ATM users or simply by printing FI-specific deals, an institution can promote initial and return branch or ATM visits by current or potential customers.

ATMs are a great awareness generator. By using every potential marketing avenue ATMs offer an FI will not only expand the brand but will also provide the institution a greater return on ATM investment.

AOne ATM offers many marketing features in order to effectively make your ATM Fleet a part of your marketing plan. Our ATMs have changeable backlit toppers with your bank’s logo and information, a changeable welcome ad screen to greet your customers, and Sharkskin wrap material covering the entirety of the machine with your brand! Our Sharkskin wraps are made not to tear, fade, or scratch!


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