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Why Is Employee Financial Wellness Important?

When employees are worried about their personal finances, it can have a negative effect on their productivity at work.

  • 53.5% of employees state that they would be more productive at work if their financial situation was more assured

  • 77% of workers do not have a savings fund adequate to cover an unexpected cost of $1000

  • 55.2% of employees surveyed would be more satisfied with their present salary if other areas of their financial health improved

How AOne ATM Can Help:

By providing your employees with access to lifetime membership at one of our partnered local credit unions, you will see an improvement in morale, stability and loyalty. The AOne ATM Credit Union package can help your employees spend less, earn more, save when borrowing, improve their overall financial wellness and more.

Interested in learning how you can offer this great benefit to your workplace? Contact Albert Howard, VP of Partner Engagement & ATM Placement at: 864.940.0407 or email


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