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Considering Adding an ATM to Your Retail Store? - AOne ATM

Adding an ATM to your retail store can be a great benefit for your customers as well as yourself. Having an ATM available to customers ensures that they have cash available if they would like to make a purchase. You can even add the possibility of gaining new customers who enter your store in search of an ATM which can earn your business extra revenue!

One of the most popular Google searches pertaining to ATMs is “ATM near me” and adding an ATM to your business could encourage potential customers to enter your store! In fact, research shows that 60% of Americans ages 25-34 and 51% of Americans 35-49 withdraw at least $40, 8-10 times per month from ATM machines. Not only does adding an ATM to your retail business draw in more customers and expose them to what your business has to offer, but you also have the benefit of earning extra revenue from their use of your ATM!

Add the benefit of a fully managed ATM to your retail location by partnering with AOne ATM. We have been an industry leader since 1996, and would love to talk with you about all of the benefits adding an ATM to your store can bring you!


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