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Considering ATM Outsourcing for Your Retail Location?

Retail ATM Placements in stores, restaurants, bars and nightclub locations are all proven to increase profits and increase foot traffic, so how does your company obtain one? Below you will find all of the things AOne ATM will provide for your Retail ATM Placement and the things that AOne ATM will need from your business in order to place it:

AOne ATM will:

  • Provide an ATM

  • Install the ATM

  • Program the ATM

  • Set up transaction processing for the ATM

  • Handle all of the cash management

  • Provide cash for the ATM

  • Monitor the ATM

  • Provide necessary supplies such as receipt paper and signage

  • Handle all maintenance, compliance and repairs of ATM

All your business needs to do:

  • Provide a standard electrical outlet

  • Show AOne ATM where to install your new ATM

Call us at (864) 940-0407 to speak to an AOne ATM Professional today!


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