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University ATM Placement

With the steady raise in college attendance and also the increase in students choosing to move hours or states away from their hometowns, placement of ATMs on campuses has become a major business opportunity.

Going to college comes with a lot of expenses for young adults such as: books, lab fees, club fees, or even fees to get into local bars. And many members of the younger generations are known to only carry cards and likewise most jobs now days only pay through direct deposit, so when a student needs cash quickly ATMs are what they look for!

By employing our ATM placement services on school campuses, you are guaranteed:

  • Bank Grade Multilingual ATMs

  • Terminal Driving/Transaction Processing

  • Cash Management (Forecasting, Ordering)

  • All Maintenance First and Second Line

  • Dispatch 6 Days/week (6am-8pm)

  • Receipt Paper/Peripherals

  • Communications (VPN Wireless)

  • Marketing at the ATM

  • Changeable Dynamic Marketing

  • Monthly or Daily Reporting

  • All Daily Operations

  • Custom Receipt Paper

Students in high school are also faced with the same school related fees! While traditionally high school age students have been sent to school with checks, many schools have implemented a cash only policy to combat the raise in bouncing checks. This leaves parents to send children to school with cash, which can sometimes be dangerous for them as they make their way to campus. Research has shown that with the implementation of an ATM on campus, there has been a notable increase in the number of students who are paying such fees promptly and safely, since 40% of children ages 13-18 have a personal debit card. One school even reported that on the first day their ATM was available nearly $4,000 was withdrawn from it.

Interested in taking advantage of this business opportunity? Please contact us at 864.940.0704 or send us an email at


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